Advanced Style: Great Style Doesn’t Diminish With Age

The blog “Advanced Style” bills itself as proof from the wizened and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age. Maybe, the subjects that Advanced Style features do not have the bodies of a twenty year old but they haven’t … Read More

Robot Suits

All the hype on power-assisted limbs that I have recently seen has involved the creation of super soldiers of the future, a truly dystopian vision if there ever was one. This story of robotics for the disabled and elderly who … Read More

Compulsory Kids Cooking Classes

  Many Americans still go through High School without one mandatory basic accounting class, (you know, the kind that teaches you how to balance your check book before you graduate), but at least we’ve always had home-ec! According to BBC, … Read More

Facebook’s New Wrinkles

Business Week reports on the emerging trend of those over 35 years visiting the popular social networking site Facebook. According to the site, "Facebook visitors 35 and older more than doubled in June from a year ago, to 11.5 million, … Read More

112 and still kicking…

At 112 years old, Frank Calloway spends his days drawing huge murals of his childhood memories. As one would expect, such memories are of a time long gone, and his paintings provide a snapshot of what the rural south look … Read More

Hey, Kid, Give Grandma a Push

Wheeeeeeeee! Those happy sounds coming from the playground have the mature tones of a grandma. That’s because this playground was designed and built for the over-60 crowd. It opened earlier this year in Manchester, England, and demonstrates the core message of the DVR Lifestyle Wave–people want to feel the age that makes them feel best. … Read More

A Personal Account From My Experiences With The Riders Of Rohan

For the past several months I have been affiliated with this biker gang. Not like the hells angels but not unlike them either. The main difference would have to be the lack of criminal element, and oh yeah, we ride … Read More

Britain’s Beer Drinking Youth

A report by Britain’s NHS Information Centre claims that 1in 5 of the nation’s youth between the ages of 11 and 15 drink six pints of beer or more per week. Britain is traditionally a beer loving nation, but public … Read More

Aging Up Through Motherhood

Often we find ourselves on a one way street with the DVR Lifestyle wave, for it’s very easy to begin heading down the “aging down” street. However, as we continue through out the quarters we’re beginning to see more and … Read More

Kids Write Illustrate and Publish Online

Are you looking for a new way to encourage creativity and a love of the written word in your children? If you have kids, I certainly hope so and the online community Tikatok has created a great way to do … Read More