Hey, It’s “Normal” to Someone…

The GR8 TaT2 Maker by Spin Master Toys promises an “easy-to-use tattoo maker kit…[that] creates realistic, washable designs with dramatic effects.”

Ok, so I originally spotted this “toy” on a hilarious website called People of Walmart. … Read More

Twitter: More Grown Up Than You Thought

In technology, more than other life categories, we tend to see individuals pigeonholed according to age. The assumption that the youngest of our peers are the most tech-savvy is a popular view that is not necessarily supported by fact. An … Read More

Kidults Just Wanna Be a Baby Again

Remember when you were young and wanted to grow up so fast? I definitely remember wanting to push the fast forward button when I was a kid. I guess the “Universal Joke” is that when we get there, we just wanna hit that rewind button sometimes. … Read More

Measure Your Blood Glucose On Your DSLite

DVR Lifestyle is a wave that often gets overlooked. However, as web 2.0 and the advancement of education around the world continues, the concept of aging up continues to be a hot topic. … Read More

Kiddie Chef Cooks Big Meals

And we’re not talking chicken strips, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables decorated with kale and parsley. This teen chef’s first stab was at 10 years old when he “presented his folks with pan-seared sea scallops under a balsamic vinegar glaze, accompanied by what he describes as “a wild-mushroom melody.” … Read More

Dating Advice from a 9 year-old

In a world where children are growing up increasingly fast and adults wish to recapture their youth, there’s no telling what you will find in our DVR lifestyle wave. As with our other life evidences pieces we find under this … Read More

Preteen Fans…Sexual Already?

Rolling Stone magazine’s interview with Twilight actor Robert Pattinson confirmed a little insight we’ve all been well aware of for some time now at CultureWaves –that age has nothing to do with how I act or feel. The “I” in … Read More

Style Rookie: Fashion Prodigy Tavi Williams

Twelve-year-old Tavi Williams writes the seriously amazing fashion blog Style Rookie, and is developing a cult following in the fashion community. We stumbled on her site after reading a plug for the blog over on Threadtrend (One of our favorite … Read More

Phone Designed for Children

So how young is too young to buy your child a cell phone? Some parents may think middle school age is mature enough, some say not till High School. With cell phones generally becoming handheld computer these days (and with … Read More

The Real Challenge for Designers

There are always new trends in design that seem to make sense when their proponents espouse them, and when they are done correctly, whether they are of the  traditional, modern, post-modern, natural, or ‘green’, they can make sense in the … Read More