Expect That Suggestion Box At The Bottom Of Amazon And Netflix To Get A Whole Lot Better

Teragram won the contract to provide a top 10 global pharmaceutical company a taxonomy structure to information that makes it easier to search and access data produced by research, drug discovery and other organizational processes. The life sciences vertical information … Read More

Slowly Please, My Head’s About to Explode

There are so many social networks offering different applications and levels of user interaction, many catering to specific networking needs, how do you wade through the sea of choices? How can a new service, no matter how innovative, reach a … Read More

Recipe for Success: Google’s “Secret Sauce”

  In the world of Internet search engines Google reigns supreme. The name Google has become so entrenched into the collective psyche that it is not uncommon to hear someone say,” Why don’t you Google it,” or “I tried Googling … Read More

Live Fast

Diesel’s new ad campaign features models on treadmills while praying, running while putting on lipstick, checking their reflection while dashing across the street, People running with arms outstretched chasing dollars. The name of this campaign  “Live Fast” and it is … Read More

Cognitive Scientist Explains Why Your Last PowerPoint Bombed

  Stephen M. Kosslyn, a cognitive scientist at Harvard University, studies the way that the brain processes images. Findings related to his work may provide hard scientific evidence that supports the idea of Choice Choke and will make your next … Read More

I Just Want To Eat This Stuff

Endless lists of recipes, often with unfamiliar ingredients, might fire the imagination and wet the appetite, but they aren’t always useful when you are staring into your fridge wondering what to make from the random assortment of foodstuffs languishing on … Read More

75 Pillow Choices

Are you kidding me? I didn't even know that pillows came in 75 different types. Well apparently at Conrad Hotels they do. Everything from thermal pillows to cold and flu pillows. If you need some mood assistance, body support, or … Read More

Untangle Yourself

 One of the unfortunate side products of all the unique and time saving gadgets we have is the mess of cords and cables that go along with them. Trying to distinguish the cable you need that from that unattractive jumbled … Read More

Beauty Basics

In their first major national ad campaign, countercultural brand Burt's Bees criticizes the industrial-strength ingredients that have long been found in conventional beauty brands. Since beeswax is a natural replenishing moisturizer, and petroleum is a non-renewable hydrocarbon made from crude … Read More

A Needle in a Virtual Haystack

  Do you remember when finding information was a problem? Well, it is not a problem anymore. We now have access to huge hordes of data but sorting and sifting can be a problem. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) readers are … Read More