One Visor to Rule Them All, One Visor to Bring Them Together and in the Car Play Them

This sun-visor media player for your car is only useful because of the obscene amount of electronic devices that we now have in our cars. The AM/FM radio was once considered to be ample entertainment for the long drive home, … Read More

Paint it Black

Blackr is a new way to view photos on Flickr. We all love Flickr and have since day one, but we have to admit that it is a little hard to really focus on a single image with commentary, icons, … Read More

You Must Walk ->Here<-

In case you ever needed to know where to stop when you're crossing traffic, or when to stop before you get hit by a car, the local government in Osaka has something that will put your heart at ease. They … Read More

Wall Cleats Make Your Life “Trip-Free”

What use is an electrical plug when your not plugged in? I don't know how many times I have tripped over cords because there is just too much cord for my apartment. I wish that I one of these on … Read More

Information Overload and the Dubious Time Saving Applications of Web 2.0

Blogs, notifiers, RSS feeds, Flickr,, Picasa, and every social network under the sun is expanding and linking together. Ostensibly this is convenient for users and helps us sort through all of the “valuable” information and news flying around the … Read More

How Elastic is Your Mind?

Design and the Elastic mind is a must see exhibition that is currently showing at the Modern Museum of Art (MOMA). As I read the artist statement the idea of Choice Choke immediately came to mind. The first sentence reads,” … Read More

A Little Idea To Make Life Easier

 When I go to some wine stores, the sheer number of wines that are available almost always overwhelms me. I take way too long deciding on a wine to purchase, even though there is most likely a delicious wine setting … Read More

Beyond the Next Quarter

If you think you are confronted with a bewildering array of expanding choices in your personal life, imagine the landscape for a modern corporation. The future has never been less certain as the environment is altered, demographics become unfamiliar, and … Read More

Information is the New Chocolate

You’re addicted. Hopelessly, utterly and completely addicted to information, and there is science to prove it. If you don’t believe me stop reading this article right now. …….That’s what I thought, but take heart, admitting you have a problem is … Read More

Simple Help

Help, I need it!  A cool new company that takes banal products like pain relievers and bandages to a new level.  They utilize humor and simplicity for a quirky collection.  I think this is a Choice Choke, if I need a … Read More