Too Many Reviewers

If you want to know whether some new gizmo is any good, you try to find out what others think. The problem with that these days is that by the time you’ve sifted through all the reviews and comments, an … Read More

Indecisiveness to the 100th Power

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Everyday of our lives we have to make hundreds of decisions, some trivial, some life changing. Now more than ever consumers are given an unprecedented amount of choice and variety but is that always good?   Beverage … Read More

Information Overload Confuses Potential Home Buyers

Today’s real estate market is chalked full of uncertainty, so it only makes sense that before you consider buying or selling a property that really do your homework. The problem is that there is so much information available to consumers … Read More

Now Do This

If you're like the average person, you're barraged with at least a hundred small tasks a day, and I'm talking about after you leave your eight-to-five. Choice Choke is all about simplicity, making things easier, narrowing down the choices, and … Read More

Googling Gamers

Google’s marketing utensil, AdSense, will soon be invading video games. Whats this mean? Gamers will start to be subverted through their passion, and they have little choice in the matter.                 I can still remember a time when there wasn’t … Read More

The Generic Man

Personally, I am a label whore, I'll admit it. However, for every one of us that love designers and labels on fashion, theres at least two hundred that think we're complete idiots and just don't get it. And then there's … Read More

The World’s Most Powerful Organizational Tool is Already in Your Pocket

Life is hectic, and keeping your fast paced existence in some semblance of order can be a real challenge. You can fool yourself into thinking that you are going to actually file away those notes you scrawled on a cocktail … Read More

Square Foot Gardening

 To some CHOICE CHOKE is a wave that deals with minimizing choices, but to me I see it as a method of simplifying my life. That’s exactly what the square foot garden does. The square foot gardening method is a … Read More

Smothered in Choices

After you choose between a king or two queens, how would you like to decide which of 75 pillows would be best for you? That’s right, 75! Apparently Conrad Hotels think you want to make that decision. Choices include the romance pillow, the water pillow, the antistress pillow, the snore-no-more pillow and 71 more. … Read More

The Brand of No Brand

  Everywhere that you look there is an assault of branded visual clutter begging to be noticed, trying to stand out from the crowd. On your computer, during your ride home, in your home, on the radio, the assault seemingly … Read More