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Cocktails With Character

Summer fun season is upon us. This means BBQ’s and parties filling up weekend calendars. Everyone wants their’s to be memorable, in this vein, I’m noticing a trend of themed cocktails. Two recent blockbusters...

2012-05-08 05.37.41 pm

“High” Praise?

There are countless tumblr blogs dedicated to drug culture and imagery. Many are filled with so many mesmerizing .gifs and visual illusions that you don’t need to be on drugs to feel tripped out....


Cakey Perry High Tea

“Miss Cakehead (a carefully cooked up alter ego of a freelance creative) considers herself a curator of cake & chaos” …and she must reeeeally love Katy Perry’s California Girls music video.  So much so,...


Tasty Tributes

I may not have a sweet tooth but I love the cleverness of these cute treats.  It really feels like people (food bloggers) are trying to out do each other with creativity and quirkiness...


Bieber Gets Slayered

We haven’t covered anything from the Brandalizm™ wave in a while so when I came across this awesome T-shirt I couldn’t resist. For those who don’t recognize the typography, its been emblazoned on millions...