BlackBerry Black Out

Every company wants the most out of their employees.  However,  a burnt out employee can fast become a liability. We have noticed many ways of dealing with over-worked workers. But maybe you don’t have a Google sized budget to install … Read More

Paul Frank & Nestle Crunch Get Cozy For Christmas

The Holiday Season is a time for coming together.  Here’s two brands that are doing just that. “Nestle Crunch has partnered with fashion label Paul Frank on a limited-edition run of their 2.75 oz. chocolate bar. The official collaboration sees … Read More

Go To The Source

I came across these tiles and they made me consider the Power Plays™ wave. This is an example of a Power Plays™ fail. Ok, so they sell tiles. Interior Design. A passion many people discover when they buy or renovate … Read More

The Power of Nostalgia

Toys seem to feature heavily in the Time Travel™ wave. It’s not surprising really when you think about the nostalgia for childhood that they embody. And boy is nostalgia a strong feeling, with powerful connotations. I think Don Draper says … Read More

Getting Near Naked To Get Clothes

There was a fun marketing event in Santa Monica, CA last week that I was almost tempted to take part in.  I would have been there with bells on if I had woken up that day and thought to myself… … Read More


London’s Broom Brigade: Post-Riot Urban Intervention

An amazing “feel good” story has emerged from the aftermath of the London Riots.  An army of volunteer do-gooders have come together to help repair the cities damage… both physically and emotionally. What do I mean by emotionally?  Well I … Read More

When Good Things Come In Small Packages

I saw two interesting articles that were about achieving the same goal:  To downsize using space saving techniques in order to simplify a dwelling.  Yeah, pretty much the opposite of “MTV Cribs”.  These are really smart, effective design examples that … Read More

The Meta Watch

Did you know that Almost 60% of 16-34 year olds use a phone as their primary timepiece?  I haven’t worn a watch since my Mickey Mouse one fell off my wrist into Sydney Harbor when I was 11 years old.  … Read More

Epically Manly Food

It feels like Epic Meal Time has been around a lot longer than last October but maybe that’s because it’s so. …well …EPIC!  The show is a ridiculously popular online cooking show that clocks about a million views per episode, … Read More

Ethical Butchery

Now vegetarians would generally dismiss this completely.  Most would say there is no such thing as a “good slaughter”, but ethical meat is a trend that is growing.  With the recent popularity of documentaries that expose some of the horrific … Read More