Sleep by the Numbers

Do you think about math when you go to sleep? Not counting sheep, but your sleep number? Sleep Number beds are the products of Select Comfort and you can even enjoy them at certain hotels (and not all of them are high-end joints). … Read More

Becoming Fish Food

“A little to the right. That’s it. Ahh, keep nibbling.” If you look closely at the picture to the right, you’ll see hundreds of tiny “spa” fish having their dinner–the dead skin cells of the lady enjoying a fish spa treatment. … Read More

Are You Not Entertained?

Spartacus, we’ll follow you anywhere. How about to a gladiator camp hosted at the Rome Cavelieri Hilton? It’s a celebration of all things gladiator (except slave labor and sleeping in dungeons), complete with training in swordplay and lessons in how to kill your fellow combatant while you impress the emperor. … Read More

My Heart Is In Your Hands

How mundane is a computer mouse today? Ok, how about one shaped like a heart that tells you how loved you are every time you use it? This product from Japan responds to your touch, lights up when you move it, and says “I love you!” when you click it. … Read More

Take It Personal

Tired of the little angels always writing on your walls at home? Wish you had a way to turn that frustration into customized care? You’re in luck baby. Now your kids, or your family, or your vacation photos, even doodles from a meeting, can be proudly displayed as room partitions. … Read More

Green Gets Personal, Very Personal

Just go to and you’ll see. The popular organic personal lubricant (P.S.–lubricant doesn’t mean lip balm) promises “all the power of a high-performance premium lubricant with all the security of a certified organic product.” It notes that it is completely free of pababens, glycerin, hormones, silicones and petroleum products. … Read More

Right In Your Face

In baseball, football, basketball, even dodge ball, hitting somebody in the face is against the rules. But in Faceball, it’s the point of the game. Two people stand 10 feet apart and throw a beach ball at their opponent’s face. … Read More

Fashion Faces Fear

As they say on the Fashion Flu Mask web site, “Be Healthy. Be Fashionable.” And we might add, don’t be afraid to let people know you’re taking action. The fear of flu, especially bird flu, is causing people to wear these protective masks when only a few short years ago nobody would be caught dead in one. Now just to show your fear has flair… … Read More

Hit the Geezer Rewind Button

Who says 70-year-old athletes can’t rewind their clock to a time when they were at the top of their game? Geezerjock magazine says you can bring that feeling back. And if you can’t do the actual sport yourself, at least you can read about those who can. … Read More

Wandering with the New Bedouins

By now most everyone knows what it’s like to work on the move. People do business in coffee shops, airports, parks, or anywhere with a wireless connection. The term, first coined in San Francisco, for this group of techno-nomads is “Bedouins.” … Read More