Bacteria-Killing Cold Plasma

This may well become a major break-through for the food industry. “A new proof-of-concept study conducted by food safety researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia has demonstrated that plasma can be used to kill bacteria on uncooked poultry, vegetables and … Read More

iPads Take Hasbro Board Games To The Next Level

Wooo! Board games just got a whole bunch cooler. Hasbro has merged the  iPhone, iPad or iPod into the game play.  The utilization of these gadgets is a great idea. “The first enhanced title released is The Game Of Life … Read More

YouTube Interventions

Here’s something that takes viral marketing in an interesting direction. In fact, I’d go so far as to call it guerrilla marking. “Forever Wild, a rhino protection initiative created a campaign called “YouTube Interventions.” The insight was that people say … Read More

A Fairytale Valentine Event

Like Oprah, I have a lot of favorite things. In this case, a bunch of them of them are coming to together in a wonderful way.       Romance Fine Dining The Princess Bride Wine “Quote along” movie screenings … Read More

Facebook Night Club & Twitter Cafe

The Virtual Merge™ wave is where the actual world meets the virtual world. I came across a two examples that have been inspired by the big guns of social media. The first sprung up in the surprisingly unlikely place of … Read More

Two Experiments With Modern Life

I saw this really clever digital short on Vimeo about a guy who’s constant texts, bleeps, email alerts etc. turn into music.  It serves as a clever showcase for his obvious talent but it’s also a pertinent comment on the … Read More

The Latest Trends In Lady Parts

Sometimes when I’m collecting thoughts for the World Thought Bank a strange pattern emerges. These are separate pieces of evidence that all share a common theme or trend. I’m here to say that I can no longer deny this topic: … Read More

Karl On Karl

High Fashion is always pulling stunts. It’s about making their brand “aspirational”. For instance, many people can’t afford the luxury lifestyle but will hold it up as something they aim for…They save and save, to one day make that one … Read More

Adidas Gets Kooky With Latest Collaboration

I considered filing this under the Brand Sanctuary™ wave because Adidas is the kind of brand that people are very loyal to -myself being one of them. However, the Human Truth™ is: “I count on your brand not to let me … Read More

Million Dollar Incentive To Create Lab Grown Meat

Apparently a very interesting “dinner party” will be held at the end of the year. On the menu will be chicken… …That’s been grown in a laboratory. “Five years ago Peta, the world’s largest animal welfare group, gave scientists until … Read More