CultureWavesQ3: Identity Branding

When a Brand Goes Beyond a Name When I was younger, I remember how important it was to have certain name brands attached to things like clothing and shoes. This was so important, in fact, that kids were subjected to … Read More

CultureWaves Q3: Counterculture: The Brand

Some of my earliest memories are ghost stories, scary movies, fairy tales, and folklore–the type of subjects that terrace the edges of the darker side of the human psyche. Even when I was scared, that feeling of perhaps stumbling upon … Read More

Life Support

The sign outside the office said, “virtual nurse.” Inside the small office was an array of computer equipment and a single person, headphones on. I passed it as I made my way out of the hospital after visiting hours were … Read More

Are We Willing to Eat Cold Food

Growing up, it was perhaps the worst sin we could commit: getting to the dinner table late. OK, that, and spilling sugar. By the time I was in upper elementary school, my mom had returned to the outside-the-home workforce and … Read More

Be Polite to Your Robots

I learned this lesson from a two-year-old, actually. To be clear, her interaction was with Alexa, who is more of a tech-enabled virtual assistant than a robot. But whenever she asked Alexa a question, this two-year-old said “please,” and “thank … Read More

The Changing Model of Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have seen a massive shift in their business models in recent years, with brands struggling to find new ways to engage consumers that place more emphasis on the shopping experience as a value rather than just the goods … Read More

Next Environmental Threat: Pharma-Water

There is a growing concern over the levels of pharmaceutical drugs that are being found in our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. Although alarming in terms of human consumption, the greater concern is what effects will high levels of anti-depressants … Read More

“The Phantom Piddler”

There are plenty of instances in which companies and corporations do things that make us feel like we don’t matter.  Demanding respect via blogs, protests, graffiti, exhibitions, even satiric YouTube videos are all ways we’ve seen consumers bite back. But … Read More

Atheism is the New Gay

The latest edition of the Edge newsletter poses the question, “ Are Science and Religion Incompatible?” A question for the ages to be sure. This is a debate that has occurred countless times in living rooms, coffee shops, classrooms, courthouses, … Read More

Male Prostitution Mainstream?

The French have always been known to be more liberal when it comes to the topic of sex, at least more liberal than we Americans. But recently there seems to be a movement of celebrating the tabooed topic more forcefully … Read More