Author: Locke Hilderbrand


To Thy Digital Self Be True

Is it possible we care more about our sleepless, ever-present virtual selves than our real ones? There are moments after I put up a Tweet on Twitter that I realize I should probably go back and delete it, simply because it’s either really rude or would make people question my morals and key choice of colorful words.


Run with the Little Guy

It’s hard to imagine yourself starting a career at a beginning company right now. The term “start-up” sends shakes and shivers up the spines of even the most robust businessmen. Should it? I don’t think so.


2009–The Year of Change

It’s 2009, and I can only think of one thing: change. The promise of change is everywhere; it’s on campaign posters, in promises from employers, and in the hearts of those of us who aspire for something better in life; even the basic concept of a family is changing as legislative battles ensue over what a family can be.


Tuning Out

The economy, the recession, politics, a new president, the housing market, oil prices, terrorism…the list of things to worry about runs rampant in the headlines, and as jobs and homes are lost, we’re finding new ways to escape reality, even if it is for just a moment.


The Art of Defense

For the past few quarters we’ve seen the Shielding™ Wave cover everything from issues of global warming and contaminated goods to robotic insects and spy-worthy gadgets. This Wave represents that point where you realize that there’s a problem, or the potential for one, so the next idea is to figure out how to handle the solution. It’s what happens when we realize there’s nowhere left to run.


The Quest to Stay Exclusive

With an ever-changing economy and a desire for higher quality, high-class style, designer goods have become available for the masses. This new era of affordable luxury, which we are calling the New Luxe, is seen across industries from celebrities putting high-end clothing lines in low-end stores to Target’s chic but cheap grocery brand, Archer Farms. I see New Luxe popping up everywhere.