Tramp Stamp Barbie

Who would have thought the oldest good girl teenager in the world has gone bad? Well, only a little bad, but still Tattoo Barbie has been raising some eyebrows with the tribal Ken heart and additional 39 tattoos that come … Read More

Zipholder: The Godsend for Stress Eaters

Ok, we all know that stress eating sucks, and that nobody wants to put on the weight because that means a downward spiral will slowly begin. First the jeans are tight, then they don’t fully zip-but still button, and finally they just aren’t working out at all. And then comes the dreadful and depressing checkmate into chubby land, the next size up. … Read More

Adobe App. Pillows

Can I just say how in love I am with these? I’m sure we’re all well aware I’m a huge geek so just give me my moment in the sun (while laying on a Photoshop pillow dreaming about brush sets of course!). Brandalizm™ and Virtual Forest™ in one comfy little package. … Read More

Thank You, Kind Stranger

Remember when Post Secret was an amazing breakthrough in the way secrets were shared? Since then, the book has gone on to spawn multiple variations and several others have taken the idea of secret sharing to different formats, from using … Read More

Steal Movies, Get Free Tickets

As sad as it is that this sounds like something that the offbeat internet meme “advice dog” would say, it’s actually happened. Recently a woman named Amanda posted a tweet on Twitter about not being able to find an illegal … Read More

To Thy Digital Self Be True

Is it possible we care more about our sleepless, ever-present virtual selves than our real ones? There are moments after I put up a Tweet on Twitter that I realize I should probably go back and delete it, simply because it’s either really rude or would make people question my morals and key choice of colorful words. … Read More

Run with the Little Guy

It’s hard to imagine yourself starting a career at a beginning company right now. The term “start-up” sends shakes and shivers up the spines of even the most robust businessmen. Should it? I don’t think so. … Read More

Wii Music Headed to Classrooms

I’m sure you’ve heard praise for the Wii on this blog several times, well, unless its when we talk about people injuring themselves with it. But aside from that it’s been a good little machine, opening new worlds of gaming … Read More

Meaning in the Pointlessness

You might think that our never-ending search for Inner Balance™ usually involves something from the self sacrifice, spiritual, philanthropic categories. So we’re delighted to show you a piece that strays far from anything charitable or sacrificial in nature. In fact, … Read More

2009–The Year of Change

It’s 2009, and I can only think of one thing: change. The promise of change is everywhere; it’s on campaign posters, in promises from employers, and in the hearts of those of us who aspire for something better in life; even the basic concept of a family is changing as legislative battles ensue over what a family can be. … Read More