Using Color To Help Prevent Suicide

We’ve been talking about chromotherapy for years. The idea that color can soothe, relax and calm people in stressful situations has always been an interesting theory, but it seems to further we push into more hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, colors may become an easy escape. … Read More

Dear Childhood : Grow Up

The upswing of all things 80’s now seems to come with a requirement, and that is to be better than you used to be. … Read More

Microtransactions in Gaming

Microtransactions, monetary purchases for in-game items to expand a game’s content, has been in Japan for quite some time, but as it creeps into the USA, how many people are going to be on board? … Read More

The Battle of Online Currency

There’s been several battles on this topic from account bannings to players in some games taking matters into their own hands. Going on gold farmer raids, putting them on hit lists and hunting them down. But now, a more interesting approach is being taken by Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft. … Read More

Vikings, Pirates and Ninjas, Oh My

In the summer of 2007, two major genres of the pop subculture came to a close. It was the last installment of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean as well as the release of the final Harry Potter book. And even though “Talk Like a Pirate Day” is still around and we’re still having fun with the concept of plundering the seven seas, the love of all things pirate has all but vanished. … Read More

Biking Your Way Downhill With Your Fanbase

While Nintendo may be very successful with the Wii, the consoles constant casual gamer focus is slowly driving its older fans away from the system. … Read More

Culture of Upgrade

One thing we can’t deny about our culture is that we are technological nomads. Once we discover something, we use it until we’ve tapped out our interest and then promptly move on to something else. However, it’s not always a quick transition. Blu-Ray is taking a while. I believe this is because people don’t feel there is enough of a difference to justify the cost versus DVD. … Read More

Makeup’s battle for androgyny.

So, the rise of the male polish begins. And I’m not just talking about Cuccio’s spa line. You’ve got your share of retail products as well, from Europop lines to “Man Glaze”. … Read More

Beating Up Berlin, One Hit Single at a Time

Being a native of Germany I tend to keep a watchful eye over the culture of my home, and something that I’ve been looking at lately is how much undertoned angst for the city itself is emerging through the German music scene. To put it simply, three of the top hits in Germany right now are all songs about the dark side of Berlin. … Read More

Pop Goes the Subculture

We all know Twilight is making some serious cash, and that everyone else is cashing in on the vampire craze too. But, what made it a craze, what came before it, and what’s coming up to battle the vampire out for box office and teen obsessive glory; when subculture and cult classics get re-spun into modern characters, anything can become a pop-subculture smash. Welcome to part one of a three-part look at the world of subculture pop culture. … Read More