Sony Distance Alert

Sensory Appeal is one of our Waves that every quarter we find an equal amount of amazing new tech and design, and for every great piece theres something that’s a complete gimmick. Being a basic need wave, this is somewhat understandable, even more understandable seeing how most of what comes out of this wave is entertainment based.
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The i:wing Fan

Several recent advancements in technology and design have come out of things based on nature, from glue based on how ivy hangs to bullet trains based on the precision of a bird. … Read More

The Complete National Geographic

If there’s something that I’ve always loved and can remember doing often as a kid, it’s flipping through National Geographic magazines at my house. We had shelves upon shelves of the familiar yellow clad books sitting around. Probably twenty or so years worth. … Read More

Paramount Launches Low Budget Film Division

Here’s a new angle coming out of Hollywood, and for once it’s not a sequel for a movie that’s been out for twenty years. … Read More

Using Color To Help Prevent Suicide

We’ve been talking about chromotherapy for years. The idea that color can soothe, relax and calm people in stressful situations has always been an interesting theory, but it seems to further we push into more hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, colors may become an easy escape. … Read More

Dear Childhood : Grow Up

The upswing of all things 80’s now seems to come with a requirement, and that is to be better than you used to be. … Read More

Microtransactions in Gaming

Microtransactions, monetary purchases for in-game items to expand a game’s content, has been in Japan for quite some time, but as it creeps into the USA, how many people are going to be on board? … Read More

The Battle of Online Currency

There’s been several battles on this topic from account bannings to players in some games taking matters into their own hands. Going on gold farmer raids, putting them on hit lists and hunting them down. But now, a more interesting approach is being taken by Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft. … Read More

Vikings, Pirates and Ninjas, Oh My

In the summer of 2007, two major genres of the pop subculture came to a close. It was the last installment of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean as well as the release of the final Harry Potter book. And even though “Talk Like a Pirate Day” is still around and we’re still having fun with the concept of plundering the seven seas, the love of all things pirate has all but vanished. … Read More

Biking Your Way Downhill With Your Fanbase

While Nintendo may be very successful with the Wii, the consoles constant casual gamer focus is slowly driving its older fans away from the system. … Read More