Author: Adam Hails


For once, the Net actually Encouraged Reading

Machine of Death is an anthology of speculative short stories about people who know how (but not when) they are going to die. The authors got clever and asked everyone who was planning to buy the book to do so on the day it was released, Oct. 26, so they could place high on the Amazon sales charts.

Sears extends the “pop-up” concept

Sears extends the “pop-up” concept

With all the hoopla (yeah that’s right, I said “hoopla.” I got tired of “hype”) surrounding pop up stores and store concepts it’s easy to forget where they came from. Pop up stores have their roots in food trucks; mobile businesses that go directly to their customers and fill a niche in the food world.


Re-Purposed Luxury

Something that’s been popping up recently, and quite a bit for that matter, is the concept of re-purposing older, no longer useful things as luxury items. Now I don’t mean the used pencils I have all over my apartment, or maybe digging bottles out of the trash, I mean something that tells a story.