Brewdog’s Atlantic IPA:The first Sea-Aged Beer in 200 years.

A beer that includes pirate ship oak, tobacco, honey, killer whales, 60 foot waves and force 10 storms. Perfection. … Read More

HIV Vaccine made from Canarypox. Spider Jerusalem Looks On.

I look forward to a future where I can cure cancer with a patch and my two headed cat smokes Black Russians. … Read More

Monitoring the Hearts of Children

Strap it on Timmy, we need to know if your heart is going to explode after three laps! … Read More

10 Million Viewers, Kanye West and The Chin.

Yo Jay, I’m Gonna Let You Finish, But Kanye had the best FAIL of all time. … Read More

Charitable Editions:Charity Driven Products.

How do you maintain a positive image of your brand? How can you incorporate giving back to the community as well as product innovation into one product? Charitable Editions. … Read More

Disney and Marvel Make Sweet Love.

News hit today that Disney bought Marvel Entertainment for Four Billion Dollars. Hopefully this means we’ll never have to sit through another wretched Punisher movie. … Read More

There Is a War on for The Last Frontier-The Internet

The Internets March to War! … Read More

Jon Stewart: Trust me, I’m a Professional.

A man that has a news show that has been previously preceded by puppets making prank calls and South Park is the most trusted voice in news. … Read More

The New Hacker Movement? Yeah, there’s an App for that.

Apple recently rejected the new Google voice app for it’s iPhone, yet more than likely nearly 4 million people are using it. From their iPhone. Apple has done some controversial app rejections as of late and a few people decided to do something about it by founding Cydia, the AppStore for the Jailbroken. … Read More

The House that 2.0 Built

So Pizza Hut has rebranded as ‘The Hut.’ The SciFi Channel turned into ‘SyFy.’ Radio Shack is looking to join the crowd as ‘The Shack.’ … Read More