As a consumer of products aimed at preventing signs of, reducing symptoms of, and even offering a reversal of the effects of aging skin, I am starting to notice a shift in marketing. Yes, the aisles are still fully stocked with all manner of wrinkle fillers, erasers, and tighteners. However, the way in which companies are approaching “anti-aging” is evolving to include more positive language around wellness and skin health.

Brands and celebrities are now engaging consumers with more optimistic viewpoints around longevity. A perfect example is Cover Girl—the brand recently appointed 70-year-old Maye Musk as its face and brand ambassador for its Simply Ageless product collection. Musk has experienced a successful career as a model and nutritionist, and currently is being championed as someone who is helping to redefine how the industry and public view age and beauty.

Skincare brand Neutrogena features well-known actresses, including 51-year-old Nicole Kidman, as part of its ad campaign that includes the tagline, “We’re not anti-aging, we’re anti-wrinkles.” The company highlights products that contain ingredients which reportedly can promote healthy skin, and includes tips for personal care regimens using them. The collection still uses terms like “ageless” and “wrinkle repair,” but the focus appears to be on health instead of youth.

Smaller, independent beauty and skincare companies like Glossier are trading in the concept of anti-aging for preventative and proactive routines with targeted ingredients. The brand promotes a “less is more” aesthetic, and designs products that can help create hydrated and glowing skin.

Is this the beginning of a new approach to marketing in which the goal is not to maintain youth, but to embrace health and wellness at any age? By accepting the changes and unique challenges that we each encounter, and meeting them with product innovation, the beauty industry could reshape the public’s view on aging. As for now, that future remains in question; but, until then, happy moisturizing, and go for the glow!

We will continue to watch this trend and its association with a more well-rounded approach to whole-body health.

You can read about this and other topics like it in our Q42018 report, here.

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