SPRINGFIELD (September 5, 2018)CultureWaves® (culturewaves.net) has announced it is participating in the upcoming BEYOND DATA seminar, produced in conjunction with The Springfield Business Journal. The event will be held on Friday, September 21 from 7:30 a.m. until 11:45 a.m. at the Springfield Art Museum, 1111 E. Brookside Dr. in Springfield, MO.

CultureWaves’ Chief Insights Officer, Locke Hilderbrand, will be presenting during the event, with a focus on need-based behavior analysis. He is responsible for delivering insights to brands for use in new product development, innovation and marketing. He works in partnership with NPD, a global market research company that helps retailers and manufacturers identify market trends to make smart business decisions. Locke has been part of the development of the proprietary software that tracks evolutionary, need-based behavior, using data to explain what trends are moving into prominence and why.

Other presenters include:

Gilad Barash, Director of Analytics, Dstillery, a New York company that is a leader in applied data science, helping companies unlock growth by finding and targeting their highest value prospective customers. Gilad has been driving innovative work on the data science and analytics team for more than five years and is named on five patents.

Debra Kassarjian, Former Director of Consumer Insights, Taco Bell & IHOP, DKinsights, LLC. Debra spent years as the Director of Consumer Insights for companies such as ConAgra, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, IHOP and Applebee’s. She is an expert in research analytics, applying her knowledge to project areas such as innovation and the creation of new products, brand communication, and customer satisfaction research programs.

Jerry Henry and Jill Mowris, owners of H2R Market Research. With clients including brands such as Tyson, Coca Cola, Herschend Family Entertainment, The Grove Salsa Company, Missouri Department of Agriculture, and One World Trade Center, their comprehensive insights allow companies to make decisions based on the voice of their consumer.

The event is geared to those in management, marketing and technology related positions, helping them understand and sort the overwhelming influx of new data and learn how to apply it to the growth of their business.

Tickets are available here.

CultureWaves has published several recent white papers on various topics, digging into The Understanding of Data, Critical Thinking, and The Future of Consumer Understanding–all available for download at their respective links.

About CultureWaves®
CultureWaves is a need-based behavior science company that helps Fortune 500 companies and brands understand the ‘whys’ of consumer behavior, in real time, with the ability to translate said behavior into actionable marketing and innovation insights. Since 2006, behavior scientists use a proprietary need-based analytic tool – Sparcwire®, that observes human behavior thru need-based filters, to deliver a clear look at where consumers have been, are headed, and importantly, how to more effectively reach and influence them now. These timeline insights inform brand strategies and engagement, new product development, and integrated communications outreach custom-tailored to a brand’s specific needs. CultureWaves explains the why behind consumer behavior. To learn more, visit www.culturewaves.net.

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