Our never-ending love for gummy bears now justified!

Gummy bears have been a candy that brought out the fun since I was a kid. Fun aside, they are still candy, made mostly of sugar, so they have never been considered healthy. Enter innovation—bringing a way to have your gummies and your health, too.

Recently, various gummy bear products, such as those produced by SugarBearHair, have been pushing gummies into a different direction. These gummies reportedly make your hair healthier and thicker and have been endorsed by the type of celebrities who help drive popularity with consumers. Gummies, in fact, are now carriers of many vitamins and other supplements. You can even get healthier versions of gummies with products like vegan gummy bears.

If you are not in it for the nutrient side of the gummy craze, you can try cannabis or alcohol-infused. Sugarfina is a brand that has multiple lines of gummy bears with flavors such as rosé, bourbon, champagne, and even Corona, among others. The brand also just introduced its 24-karat gold rosé gummy bears. These gummies are an aesthetically-pleasing pink gummy bear with an edible 24-karat leaf.

Cannabis gummy bears aren’t particularly new, but they have caused a bit of sensation in Australia recently, because parents can’t spot the differences between a regular gummy bear and an infused one. Beyond parents, business owners are left wondering if their employees are eating just regular gummy bears (of course they are—right??).

Restaurants are even using gummy bears to provide flavor samples of cocktails. Tipping Club in Singapore has an edible cocktail menu—next to the name of each drink is a little gummy bear to give you a preview of what the drink will taste like. The menu describes them as unique flavors that represent the drink you could order.

Beyond menu experiences, gummy bears are being used to augment our physical experiences. A new two-story candy shop in L.A. is using the tiny candies as décor, fashioning gummy bear chandeliers in order to really make it look and feel unique.

UTan, a beauty supplement company, has transformed gummies into a supplement that is supposed to affect your skin tone, with or without the sun. The brand promotes that the gummy bears are GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and have no artificial colors or flavors. Apparently they hit a need, because the gummies completely sold out online, with the brand offering a spot on a wait list for when they become available again.

Finally, if it’s protein you are after, German University for Prevention and Health Management has been doing a study of the impact from eating steak followed by gummy bears. It turns out the two foods reportedly balance each other. The amino acids from the beef combine with the gelatin from the gummy bears, releasing the full amount of potential protein between the two and boosting the overall biological protein value of the steak. Who knew?

All of this means my childhood love of gummy bears just might open up a whole world of new health options. “Beneficial” gummy bears add an element of fun, familiarity and nostalgia to daily health regimens. In the end, gummy bears just may hold the key to my health!

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