CultureWaves introduces VOICE, a new way to think about your audience. It’s device data + need-based behavior, all adding up to a better understanding of what is influencing your target and changing their behavior. For years, demographic data has told you the basic facts such as age, gender, ethnicity, average income. In this age of niche marketing and personalized products it’s not enough by itself. The technology is there to understand exactly where, when, and why—and we’ve put it together for you in one package.

Utilizing device data from our strategic partner, Dstillery, CultureWaves combines its successful behavior-based methodology with device-driven data. The combined persona is then used to help you understand the right products, the right messaging, and the right media placement to really reach your target. Think about it as

  • observed behavior instead of reported behavior;
  • need-based solutions; and
  • targeted messaging.

It’s action-oriented insights that will help you craft and deliver messages that resonate with your customers, drive results, and ensure greater loyalty.

Let us tell you more about VOICE.

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