Technology has allowed consumers to take the comforts they’re used to at home anywhere they want. –Culturewaves Q32015 Report

An old adage says home is where the heart is, but that seems to be changing. Now, home is where I am. This appears to be the attitude of many consumers in the mobile age.

Today’s activity filled lifestyles mean people are always on the go. It makes sense that they would want to bring parts of home with them. Increasingly, being away from home no longer means sacrificing comfort or entertainment.

Companies are creating products and services that cater to this mobile behavior. On the entertainment side of things, streaming-media providers are incorporating their services into flights and Uber car rides so people can access their favorite content at any time. T-Mobile recently changed cell phone service plans so that video streaming no longer counts against user data limits. A neighborhood in the U.K is even installing Wi-Fi broadcasting antennas underneath the sidewalks so people can have Internet speeds like those they get at home.

On the product side of things, companies are producing niche items that offer comfort on the go. For example, the “Sleep With Us” hybrid bed and backpack by Blond & Bieber allows individuals to carry a wooly bedroll so they can take a nap anywhere.

The drive to have the comforts of home around at all times will continue to spawn new products and services in the coming months and years.

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