Being able to quantify our lives through tech is driving consumers to
make the most out of any moment they have.–Culturewaves Q32015 Report

I grew up in Australia, where people work to live, instead of living to work. We take long “liquid lunches” and get tons of parental leave. Ridiculous “team building” antics are common, not to mention all the random reasons for handing out paid vacation days, like stopping the nation for a horse race.
In contrast, U.S. employees are skittish about taking paid vacation leave. Can you believe only 51 percent of workers use their eligible paid vacation time and paid time off?

Leisure time has been changing in the average American’s “clockless lifestyle.” We are slaves to our schedules and deadlines. Checking Facebook has become our commercial break from life. Browsing Instagram for a few minutes is like our digital cigarette break. A quick Snapchat visit is a non-committal way to say “hi” to our friends from wherever we are. Scrolling Twitter is the new “news break” (with a lot more snark).

The downsizing downtime phenomenon is an interesting opportunity for brands to seize upon. What moments of novelty or distraction can you provide that can fill this momentary digital reprieve?

Whether they’re waiting in line for coffee, catching a bus or just watching a quick cat video before moving on to the next task, people are looking for concise, engaging digital “breathers.” Providing this content is a great way to reach a huge audience.

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