Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine
Pepsi Perfect has changed the way I look at product placement. Sure, Pepsi signed on for product placement with the original release of Back to The Future II, but now (much like Nike) Pepsi has replicated something that they introduced as a fictional product in order to cross-promote their original product 30 years ago. We have brands looking back in order to look forward–and why not? They know from the fanbase that these beloved, acclaimed movies have built up over the years that anything they mine out of the legacy of Back to The Future will be as much goldmine as it is fanservice. Toys have done this quite a bit as of late, making cheap, low-detail action figures as a throwback line and depending on nostalgia to sell them.

Brands are creating products based on their own imaginative past in order to tap in to the selling power of nostalgia and the collector’s mindset that is trending in retail products.

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