[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ecently, I ran a few errands with a friend of mine, and he needed to run by his local bank branch to make a deposit. Not wanting to sit and swelter in his car, I followed him in to sit awkwardly in the bank’s lobby and watch the flow of customers through the doors. The greeter, a young blonde woman, was flitting from one to the other with a small tablet, acting as the first line of defense for the tellers lining the wall behind her. I remember the scene so well because it was the first time I truly felt dated. It was the music. The slow realization of what was playing hit me, and it forever crystalized the moment forever in my mind. Of course, it had to be Filter’s sad excuse for a radio rock anthem, Take a Picture.

As silly as it sounds, the fact that this song was playing made me realize that Millennials are now considered adults.

Millennial don’t yet consider themselves adults, but the simple act of placing this song in this playlist signals that the generation with a permanent case of Peter Pan syndrome has finally aged. This easygoing hit about getting drunk and blacking out cycled heavily on rock stations nationwide in the late 90s and early 00s. This is a song that made the band best known for screaming, techno-tinged ballads like Hey Man, Nice Shot and (Can’t You) Trip Like I Do more accessible to a broader audience.

Instead of the usual Muzak, this was the song that was greeting all these bank customers. In that moment i realized the era of meaningless, droning covers of The Girl from Ipanema was over and had been replaced with mindless, droning radio rock from the latter half of my teenage years.

Millennial music had become the new face of Adult Contemporary as a I knew it.

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