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[dropcap]P[/dropcap]icture this. It’s a Friday night, and it’s date night. You decide to take your significant other out for a nice dinner followed by a movie at your local theater. The movie starts at nine o’clock at night, and dinner is taking a little longer than you intended. You frantically drive to the theater, buy your tickets and popcorn and hurry into the auditorium, fearing you will have to sit on the front row. To your surprise, the theater is practically empty!

Going to the movies just isn’t what it used to be, as 2014 was one of the worst years for movie theater attendance since 1995. With the rise of alternate streaming channels such as Netflix and Hulu, it seems much easier, not to mention cheaper, simply to watch a movie in the comfort of your own home. To compete with this, movie theaters are forced to go above and beyond to back gain their audiences.

Going back a few years, 3D films were the hot new trend in the movie industry. 3D films flooded the big screen and gave us a new movie-going experience that we couldn’t get at home. The sad truth is that people quickly lost interest. People were not willing to pay more to watch a blurry movie while wearing cheap plastic glasses. Fast-forward to today, when movie theaters are increasingly focusing on making your night at the cinema a more luxurious experience. Major theaters, such as AMC and Regal Cinemas, now bring gourmet food and beverages directly to a moviegoer’s seat. And speaking of the seats, many movie theaters are now offering audience members luxurious reclining seats to make them feel more at home and to give them a more comfortable theater experience.



So what else will theaters do to keep their audiences coming back? The new wave of movie theaters will let you get both dinner and a show in the same place. They will feature full-service restaurants and bars, allowing customers to enjoy a relaxing dinner and have a drink before their main attraction begins. Many cinemas are becoming multiplexes complexes featuring gourmet restaurants, sports bars, arcades, laser tag and bowling under one roof. Regular movie theaters will be around in 10 years. However, these new entertainment complexes may appear in your city in the near future.

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