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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to fashion powerhouses and celeb stylists, your grandmother’s chicness is now trending and uniquely inspirational. The retro era of “yawn fashion” and “granny chic” is granting the millennial generation an opportunity to time travel into their grandparents’ generation – a world filled with vinyl records, tea gloves, gray hair, knee-length skirts, jeweled brooches, fur over coats and horn-rimmed spectacles.

Grandmotherly chicness is appearing everywhere, from the catwalks of Milan’s Fashion Week to the sidewalks of Missouri. Millennials are flocking to flea markets in hopes of purchasing unique flower embellished tops, tailored slacks, and old worn pearls blending themselves into the ‘60s and ‘70s personified way of life. Millennials are slowly replacing the vodka-and-revealing-attire-inspired nights with wine tastings and antiquing day trips.

The granny hair trend was warmly embraced by pop culture celebrities, such as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Pink and Kelly Osbourne. The accoutrements of Milan Fashion Week could have come from your grandmother’s closet and jewelry box. Models were adorned with sensible checked skirts, jeweled brooches, horn-rimmed spectacles and floral hair combs. Gucci has embraced the ‘60s and ‘70s color palette, with additions of funky patterns-chevron stripes, florals, landscapes and soft color pallet-in its first resort collection. Kate Spade’s latest spring campaign stars the dynamic duo of 22-year-old Karlie Kloss and 93-year-old Iris Apfel. The two leading ladies inspire class and generational appeal for the new Kate Spade collection. Meanwhile, granny panties are banishing the once loved thong craze and bringing a new definition of sex appeal.

The new era of “yawn” and “granny chic” reveals that age does not determine or define beauty. The dress-up nostalgia allows millennials to travel to a place of refuge and comfort. For generations, grannies have been categorized as sage and wise, with years of gained life lessons-representing a nonsexual narrative. Young millennials are now embracing the granny style, opening a door to a new conversation of beauty defined by wisdom and life experience, rather than sex appeal.

Millennials have increasingly swayed styles with their changing life periods, masking their identity and personal dilemmas with various trends and styles. The millennial generation has adopted the lifestyles of multiple generations, including hippies, flappers, country-western cowboys, and inner-city kids. With Teach new style explored though nostalgia, millennials are given the opportunity to age and escape to a place of refuge and idealism.

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