DEITY COMPLEX™ – “It’s My World, My Way.”™

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]urn on the TV and listen to Jazz Jennings for thirty seconds and you will witness a moment of clarity—this new Clean & Clear teen talks enthusiastically about her new skincare line dedicated to ‘Seeing The Real Me.’ On the surface this advertisement seems no different than its predecessors, but this 30 second spot is the first 30 seconds of a new age. Jazz is a transgender teen. Jazz was assigned male at birth but began identifying as a female soon after and started her journey as an advocate for transgender men and women. This bubbly brunette is making waves in communities across the nation and is the new face of change for gender identity.

Spotlighting a young teen going through life altering changes as a corporate advocate isn’t for everyone—but being a part of a movement that speaks to the community and connects with individuals also experiencing those changes is. Everyone can relate when it comes to changes within our body and how they affect our lives—because to a degree, everyone goes through it.

Brands are finding new ways to let consumers experiment with control and independence, allowing the freedom to transform a generic product into a consumers’ personal version. For example, British company Curvy Kate is lampooning the controversial Victoria’s Secret’s “A Body for Every Body” campaign by showcasing real people with different body types and letting fans of the brand pick the new face of the company. Grassroots campaigns like What’s Underneath are hitting social media and the mainstream, promoting the embrace a beauty standard defined by the individual.



The evidence in the DEITY COMPLEX Wave is about demonstrating an individual’s control. Individuals and products in this wave beat to their own drum and define their own standards. Take a moment and think of all of the corporate control consumers receive every day. Consumers are exposed to over 500 advertisements a day all dictating what they should like and what they should buy. Now take yourself back to your younger stages of life and think of how you would react to these overbearing acts of control—would you feel defiance? Users want to feel independent and in control of their experience but be connected to a larger community. Open the discussion in your organization on user generated content and control, and you might just land on the next best idea.

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