Scouting for Healthier Options.

It’s almost time for Girl Scout Cookies and that means many New Year’s resolutions will fall victim to those sweet little girls in uniform. But to make everyone feel better, they’re offering a new cookie “enhanced with nutrients derived from fruit.” Mango Crèmes with nutrifusion™ may attract buyers with an invigorating name, but a quick look at nutritionals would tell you it’s not packing the health punch of a freshly blended smoothie.

For many who aspire to improve their nutrition, a positive perception is all they need to feel good about indulging in the not-so-healthy. This is why we see menu items labeled as “fit” or “fresh” along with the rising popularity of sweet, non-carbonated beverages over soda. And of course who doesn’t like a new study that shows having dessert for breakfast can help with weight loss? Mixing good and bad opens up the playing field for flexible fluxers, while creating even more obstacles for those who walk the straight and narrow path to health.

Locke Hilderbrand

Locke has grown up with an eclectic mix of travel and technology at all times. His views and ideas are inspired by the fusion of subcultures and street scenes, global travel and the internet. He is a cultural translator and scene adaptor by day, artist by night, always hunting for what's next and embracing what's now

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