Get your share.

The online world has become a place for sharing thoughts and daily life at the click of a button. As it continues to evolve, many experts say we’re heading toward a new phase, one where people use technology to share tangible assets. Rather than buying and selling, some people are leaning toward sharing or renting items like cars, bikes, tools and more. Sharing platforms are currently being developed that make it easier to exchange goods among peers. This new model is also predicted to be a new entrepreneurial hotbed with exciting opportunities for investors.

Sometimes success is about making customers feel at home and empowered through commonality. P&G “The Best Job” campaign connected with moms during the Olympics with an emotional spot about raising champions. “I’m OK” is an app that rewards kids for checking into locations to let parents know where they are. And one pizza restaurant gave out free pizza to anyone who could order in Spanish during their “Pizza Por Favor” campaign. When you and your customers speak the same language, it’s easy to build loyalty.

Locke Hilderbrand

Locke has grown up with an eclectic mix of travel and technology at all times. His views and ideas are inspired by the fusion of subcultures and street scenes, global travel and the internet. He is a cultural translator and scene adaptor by day, artist by night, always hunting for what's next and embracing what's now

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