Pixelated Pleasure

A new Facebook app from Sugar In The Raw called Au Natural lets users upload food photos and add pixilation to hide the tempting images. This “raw” branding scandalizes indulgent foods in a way that is humorous and in your face. While the app may not be the most practical, it does offer entertainment and relevant marketing in a food porn-obsessed world.

Stepping over the line allows everyday items to become edgy and make a statement. This gets the attention of consumers who want to stretch the limits, but in a harmless way. It’s the thinking behind alcoholic soups or gun-shaped egg fryers. Even the bad guys are in the spotlight with beauty products like the Disney™ Villains Designer collection. As you can see, sometimes a little shock and awe is all it takes.

Locke Hilderbrand

Locke has grown up with an eclectic mix of travel and technology at all times. His views and ideas are inspired by the fusion of subcultures and street scenes, global travel and the internet. He is a cultural translator and scene adaptor by day, artist by night, always hunting for what's next and embracing what's now

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