Chasing Food Trucks

Dogs who loves chasing cars will see even more reason to do so when Rachael Ray opens a food truck for dogs in New York City Oct 18 to October 20. As part of a promotion for her new dog food brand, the truck menu will feature items like Chicken Muttballs and Chicken Paw Pie. They’ll also partner with local rescue organizations to promote on-site adoptions for homeless animals.

In our modern world, innovative communication hinges on intersecting people where they are. Roadside travel centers are now attracting chain restaurants. Vending machines are becoming so sophisticated that they’re actually a threat to some dining establishments. And retail chains have started accepting Paypal as a payment option. The key to succeeding in this wave is flexibility and willingness to mobilize your business.

Locke Hilderbrand

Locke has grown up with an eclectic mix of travel and technology at all times. His views and ideas are inspired by the fusion of subcultures and street scenes, global travel and the internet. He is a cultural translator and scene adaptor by day, artist by night, always hunting for what's next and embracing what's now

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