3 years ago in Hermosa Beach, California, some mechanical engineers with a passion for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing formed Intuitive Motion Inc. and began creating the Zboard.

“Tired of bikes getting stolen and having to push skateboards up hills and over Los Angeles’ notoriously uneven streets, their goal was clear: design a device that is faster and easier to ride than a skateboard, and more fun and portable than a bike.”

It has an electric motor so those dreaded hills become a breeze. But what I found super cool is the way it’s controlled. Two pads on the board work its motor. It’s all about leaning and pressure sensitivity. Shift your weight to the front pad to go forward, lean on the rear pad to brake.

Obviously, the skate punks at the local park will scoff -but it’s not about that scene. It’s “rethinking how students and young professionals commute, and designing an electric skateboard from the ground up tailored to their daily needs.”

While I’m totally “on board” with the Zboard, I’m a little more dubious about SpnKix:

“These innovative electric skates strap onto your regular shoes and propel you around at speed up to 8 mph for up to 5-6 miles. They each feature an 80-watt motor that’s integrated into a rugged fiber-reinforced nylon frame, smooth-rolling 6″ diameter rubber tires, and use a handheld wireless remote control to throttle both skates at the same time. To stop, just let go of the throttle or lean back on the heel stopper just like a regular pair of skates.”

However useful you may find them, I fear they might fall in the same trap as the Segway… They’re kinda dorky. I can’t help it. Every time I see a cop on a Segway, or those Segway sight seeing tours, I snigger, I don’t know why!

But hey, if it’s your thing, then forget the haters.

The Deity Complex™ wave is about demonstrating a value of control. Whether it be your own body movement controlling a travel device, or rocking a new type of “skates” regardless of any kind of cool factor. The Human Truth™ of this wave is “It’s my world, my way.”™ From my experience, having enjoyable commute can set the tone for your day.

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