Is fashion just running out of eras to dub “retro”? Or is this hoodie just badass? I’m thinking both. I’m seeing this hoodie re-blogged a BUNCH today. So much so, that the designer Chadwick Dillon, has to chill out his Etsy shop SOFworks because of huge traffic, saying: “it’s in vacation mode at the moment because of overwhelming interest in said hoodie.”

The description of the Grey Knight Armored Hoodie claims that: “chivalry is back in this unique set of knight’s armor from the SOF works. Joust, battle Saxons, high five a SunBro, or just rock around town in this modern plate armour.
Fully retractable face plate and visor hood keeps the wearer ready for anything, while the fixed breast plate, spauldrons, and elbow couters add elements of style and strength from an a age long past.
Serged interior for professional quality, and reinforced stitching on all armored pieces for durability.

The Grey Knight has proven valor and his cause is just. Wear this armor and show your quality.”

You have to wonder if hoards of Game Of Thrones fans are jumping on this after the recent season finale has left us all longing for Westeros.

The Time Travel™ wave is a fun one. There are so many examples of designs and ideas that celebrate what people love most about bygone eras. The Human Truth™ of this wave is: “By using the past as a sanctuary, I feel more connected to others.”™ Reminiscing is truly something that brings us together. For instance, my gamer friends and I got so much joy out of watching this trailer for the Disney 80’s arcade inspired film “Wreck It Ralph”. We can’t wait!

Sometimes nostalgia is just as fun and relevant as looking ahead.

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