Most web reaction to this has been incredulous: “This can’t be real??” Then you read it’s from Japan. “Ohhhhh, yep. Ok. Japan.”

Gaming themed bars are nothing new, but a restaurant/ cafe based on a brutally violent game called Resident Evil (or Biohazard, as it’s known in Japan) where you are chased by hideous zombies is something most people wouldn’t see coming.

“Capcom confirms plans to open a Resident Evil-themed restaurant in Shibuya, Japan, with a grand opening scheduled for July 13, 2012”

There’s no denying it is, or at least was in it’s heyday, a very popular game. Yet the grisly themes and blood thirsty characters are hardly something I would call appetizing, or associate with food in any way. Although, I’m sure the same can be said for the jousting and horse poop at Medieval Times.

I’d personally be more inclined to check out this Chinese concept restaurant that immerses you into the world of luxury air travel. However, I am not a die hard fan of gory first person shooter games.

That’s what the proprietors of this place understand. Gamers are hugely loyal fans that will support any endeavor as long as they stay true to the brand. The Brand Sanctuary™ wave is where we find brand evangelists that get behind their favorite things all the way. But don’t let them down, or you’ll have hell to pay… Just ask Jay Wilson, Game Director at Blizzard Ent.

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