I’m not a fan of horror and I don’t have a sweet tooth so these creepy creations don’t do it for me. However, I know soooo many people who would eat this kind of thing right up… Literally.

Exhibit A: “Incredible and gross chicken feet cake pops created for the Evil Cake Shop by Miss Insomnia Tulip.” Cakepops have been popping up as a trend for a while now and it’s interesting to see such creative variations. I checked out some of her other stuff and she is a truly talented artist.

Exhibit B: BRAAAAAINS! This whole zombie “thing” is showing no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s web culture memes, community zombie walks, fitness runs where zombies chase you, “zombie apocalypse” maps, then of course, that terrible business down in Miami. The whole subject is anything but appetizing to me, but here we have it: Brain Cup Cakes.

Exhibit C: Unicorn Poop! This, I have to admit, cracked my friends and I up quite a bit. One of whom, has vowed to make them for us. See, anything can be attractive if it has sparkles and rainbow colors on it!

These “gross out” confections may not be for everyone, but those who are into this kind of thing -go crazy for it. That’s why it’s a good fit for the Power Plays™ wave. The Human Truth™ of this wave is: “Not many people know what I know and do what I do.”™ We notice that this can manifest in many different ways, but the main “through line” for this behavior is that it usually involves an esteem boost. Power Plays type of people like the fact that they are a little different to everyone else. Perhaps your product, brand or service can afford to get a little weird or creepy? It certainly grabs attention!

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