I’m a firm believer that most ideas can be improved upon. I get a kick when something goes from good, to great.  Or functional to superior.

Well, a Japanese dentist must have had the same thoughts when he was cooking up some soup one night, because he has invented a pot that stirs itself!

“It promises to completely revolutionize cooking, at least for the world’s laziest chefs. The Kuru-Kuru Nabe (aka the ‘Pot Round and Round’) was invented by Hideki Watanabe, who came up with the design after experimenting with dental plaster at his practice. The pot relies on thermodynamics to create a whirlpool motion as liquids heat up. It not only saves you from having to stir, but it allows for a more efficient and even heating process, and has the added benefit of compacting foam so the pot is less likely to boil over.”

I love this story because he will probably patent it and become the “stir-less pot king”, all because he experimented with his ideas through whatever means he had access to (ie: dental plaster).

Sticking with the kitchen gadget theme: it seems someone has also found a way to make scooping ice cream that much easier:

“First off, the leading edge is serrated like a knife, so it can slash its way through even the most solid of frozen treats. And that fancy faceted design on the scoop? That’s not just for futuristic looks. No, that texture prevents a scoop of ice cream from sticking like a suction cup, so it’s easier to deposit onto a cone. You’d expect such innovation to be priced at a premium and only available to professionals who make their livelihood scooping, but you can get one for your own kitchen for a mere $10 here.

The beauty of the iBuiltit™ wave is that so many of the ideas we see here are improvements or “hacks”. It’s someone who has a vision, and is inspired enough to take it upon themselves adapt it to their personal needs or desires. Theses kind of people embody the  Human Truth™ of this wave which is: “If you won’t find a way, I we/will.”™

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