Remember getting in trouble for doodling on your bedroom wall with a crayon? I sure do. Then in my teens I developed an appreciation for street art. But sensible grown-up’s can’t go around scribbling on walls, right?

Well here’s a way to turn any space into a canvass for your ideas and creativity:

“IdeaPaint recently launched a transparent paint called CLEAR that can coat any surface and color to turn it into a dry erase board. Materials such as wood, plastic, and concrete can be painted over with CLEAR and transformed into a creative space that can be written on with whiteboard markers.”

There’s a video here.

Man, I could REALLY see every wall of our office covered in this. We are big on visualizing at CultureWaves.  It fits in with the way we approach ideas with a sense of play. That’s why I put this paint in the DVR Lifestyle™ wave.

This wave is about things that allow us to do what we want, regardless of what’s deemed appropriate for our age. I personally would love to cover my bathroom with CLEAR and anyone that uses it can feel free to leave their own “toilet door” style graffiti. Is that immature? Perhaps in someones eyes, but this wave is about age not being a stigma. It’s filled with products and businesses that help people create the life they want, regardless of what’s “proper”.


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