There are some crazy fitness gadgets out there. Sorry but I’ll never get past the odd looking toes on barefoot running shoes, for instance.

However this crazy thing is something that I could see my friends and I having fun with.

It’s called the Human Slingshot. Apparently it gives you quite the work out while you and three other friends flail around like crazy people. As someone who was well acquainted with the mosh pits in the 90’s -this is a workout I can get behind. AND it’s skips the whole part where sweaty, stinky strangers slam into you from all angles.

It’s also said to be a great team and trust-building exercise. Somehow I can’t picture a corporate office being down with it, but maybe that’s the fun part… Getting out of your comfort zone and doing something a little weird and fun.

The promo video is well shot and some how makes adults playing with a giant rubber band seem cool. Check it out… Not a single bloody nose!!

The Body Warranty™ wave is about pushing your body beyond it’s limits. I think this is a product that does that in a fun, silly and light hearted way. Not many people describe their workouts that way.

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