I have a friend who is getting married soon. She is a pretty down to earth gal, but as the day approaches, she is battling the stress of organization and really trying hard to enjoy this special time. As much as she uses her iPad, I bet she would have loved this new app from Vera Wang.

“The Vera Wang on Weddings universal app for iOS devices gives you the tools you need to plan your wedding. With the app, you’ll be able to search for a wedding dress in the Vera Wang Bridal Collections, where you’ll also see the inspiration for the dress. Other features of the app lets you manage contact information and meetings notes with vendors; organize wedding guests by invitations, RSVPs, gifts, seating and accommodations; keep a list of to-do items; create inspiration boards with Vera’s new design tool; and browse pictures of thousands of gowns, cakes, flowers, and real weddings. The app is available free in iTunes until the end of February.”

Over the years, so many celebrities have graced women’s magazines in a Vera Wang wedding gown. The label has become synonymous with the “dream bridal gown”. For a brand with so much clout, I have no doubts this app will be huge. However, even if this wasn’t Vera Wang, the app is so useful it makes me think it would be a success regardless.

The Choice Choke™ wave is about making difficult decisions easier. It’s about streamlining and helpful organization. The Human Truth™ of this wave is: “I don’t need more choices; I need help choosing.”™

Having a “home base” to gather all your inspiration, plans and event information, is not only a handy idea, but it helps a brides feel more in control. Who knows, if more engaged women had this kind of tool, perhaps the train wreck reality show Bridezillas would find it harder to book crazed, frazzled, out of control brides?

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