I haven’t seen The Avengers movie yet but apparently it’s AWESOME! I haven’t heard any of my friends say a bad word about it. It’s exactly what it they wanted it to be: An over the top, action packed, superhero blockbuster that kicks butt from start to finish.

The Dark Knight Rises also looks an epic finale to the Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The latest trailer teases us with glimpses of The Catwoman played by Anne Hathaway. I’m sure it will be another summer smash.

So what if you “want in” on this super hero action? What if you loved a certain super hero so much that you’d love to see yourself in their costume but don’t want to wait for Halloween? Yes, cosplay seems to be growing more accepted in society with each passing Comicon, but what if that’s never going to be your scene? Or if you want a super unusual gift for your fanboy/girl loved one?

I’ve found the service for you!

“With the help of gadget site firebox.com, you can now be immortalized as an action figure.
Your pictures will be turned into a 3D version of your head, including eye color, skin tone and hairstyle.”
The Deity Complex™ wave is filled with products and services that make things “all about you”.
The Human Truth™ of this wave is: “It’s my world, my way.”™ For many people day to day life is challenging, and as we watch our heroes overcome insurmountable odds on the screen, who doesn’t want to embrace a bit of that super hero mojo?

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