As soon as I read this article I couldn’t open WordPress fast enough!

Ok, let me take a breath.

Let’s just start by saying I’m a big Sci-fi movie fan. Notice the addition of “movie”? I’m not a sci-fi nerd that knows every detail of Star Trek history, I don’t really read sci fi literature except for a few classics, and I will catch an episode of Fringe every now and then if it’s on, but I’m not really invested in the alternate universe premise.

That being said, sci-fi might just be my favorite movie genre. That would explain to my friends why I almost had a conniption fit when I saw the extended trailer for Prometheus before the Avengers screening last Sunday. I also love clever ambient campaigns, so you can imagine why this has got me so excited.

“Well, if you’re in Paris until May 25th travel on the Metro line 9 (direction Pont de Sèvres) you will be able to see Saint-Martin station (closed since 1939) hosting an advertising installation for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

According to the press release, Paris subway passengers will be able to “live for a few seconds the mysterious atmosphere of the cave in which a team of scientists, parties in the darkest corners of the universe aboard Prometheus spacecraft, will discover the origins of humanity.”

I love how they have a Prometheus sticker on the rail map inside the train. I can imagine passengers noticing that and thinking “hmmm that’s weird” and perhaps making a mental note to look out the window when they pass that station. If I was on that train and saw the installation, even if for a few moments as we whizzed past, I would have high-fived the person next to me for sure and told every person I knew about it!

When you browse the Pop Up lifestyle™ wave you often see cool ambient marketing, and the best ones are a sharable experience. They give you a story to tell your friends, or even a memorable moment with complete strangers. This wave is about intersecting consumers in their comfort zones. The Human Truth™ is: “Meet me where I am.”™ Daily commutes can become monotonous, and theatrical moments like these can often put a bit of magic in someone’s day …and stick in their minds.

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