As the stigma of internet dating is wearing off, we are seeing so many niche dating sites pop up. This is often the case when something starts out as an emerging trend. Over time, it mainstreams, and more specific options become available.

In the online dating realm, we have dating as per your religion: jDate, Then we have, or if it’s purely a “hook up” then If you are a crazy Apple fan boy or gurl… you might find your Apple loving soul mate on Cupidtino. Now there’s even a “facebook for kinksters” which is for people who want to explore their fetishes, called FetLife.

As a music lover (some may say “snob”) this particular concept piqued my interest. It’s a way to connect with others through your Spotify music playlist.

“Two new apps have been launched on Spotify that aim to match you with potential dates based on what music you like. Fellody and both integrate seamlessly with the popular music streaming service, scanning your music library to find your favorite artists, the songs you listen to the most, and your collection of playlists, to find other users with similar picks. You are then shown the profiles of the people who share the same taste, so you can see what you have in common.”

The We Are Family™ wave is all about commonalities and making connections based on things we care about. The Human Truth™ of this wave is “When I’m here it feels like home.”™

Modern love seems like a whole new playing field these days. As a thirty-something in LA, I watch my friends and I go through all sorts of things that are are out of our comfort zone in the pursuit of love. Yet, these sites are aiming to put you in your comfort zone… at the very least you have something to banter about -and that might cut out some of the awkwardness of first dates!

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