Here’s a trend I really want to see catch on. I remember when I saw my first large scale, living succulent wall at a mall in Hollywood about 5-6 years ago now. I was so taken by how lovely it looked, I’m really surprised we don’t see them more often. I even noticed a new “green graffiti” trend of carving designs into a mossy wall, which I thought was super cool.

Well, Canada knows a good thing when they see it! Edmonton International Airport has installed this stunning example of living walls, that is not only good on the eye but great for the air quality.

“The living green wall by Vancouver-based Green Over Grey features 8,000 plants representing 32 different species. The triptych living installation was inspired by cloud formations and two famous abstract paintings by Canadian artists Emily Carr and Donald Flathe. Built with recycled materials, the huge living installation works to draw pollutants and CO2 from the air and returns fresh oxygen and moisture, making the airport terminal a much sweeter place.”

The Green Hot™ wave can often be about making sacrifices in order to be kinder to the planet. In this case, we have a gorgeous way to beautify a utilitarian space that has nothing to do with “cutting back” or taking extra steps, like some green practices. In fact, this breathing art would be a statement piece in any office or business -that I’m sure would impress everyone who sees it.

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