We curate some pretty kooky stuff in the Sensory Appeal™ wave. Sensory Appeal™ is about playing around with the senses by changing taste, touch, smells, colors and sounds in way that make you appreciate something in a new light.

Unless your a complete weirdo, there is nothing about using a Port-a-Potty that is enjoyable to ANY of the senses. It’s one of my least favorite things to endure at a summer concert festival for instance. The fact that you usually have to wait in a long line to use those stinking isolation chambers only adds salt to the wound. Erk… I’m almost dry retching at the memory of the horrors I’ve seen and smelled.

That’s why this stunt by IKEA worked so damn well.

In a bid to introduce their bathroom collection to the Italian market, IKEA disguised a fully furnished, luxury bathroom as a free porta-potty, complete with hardwood floors and a shower.

Judging by the surprised reactions from visitors, the prank was a success and IKEA fully delivered on their creative concept: ‘Who said a bathroom should be just a loo?”

Watch the stunned reactions as these style loving Italians sheepishly open the Port-a-Potty door to discover a beautiful welcoming bathroom within.

Sensory Appeal™ is about the element of surprise. When a brand, product or service upgrades an experience to this extent, you know it will make a lasting impression.

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