Stretching Time

As Summer approaches, people are talking about slipping into VaCa mode. Many conversations I’ve had lately are about recommended summer reading and day trip destinations. Yet, as much as a lazy day lounging by a pool sound just grand to … Read More

Move: Precision in Movement

Here’s an idea that could signal a new era for fitness garments. It blends technology into the sportswear that helps the wearer know when they need to correct a particular movement. “Seattle-based company ElectricFoxy has unveiled a prototype of a … Read More

Turn Any Surface Into A Dry Erase Board

Remember getting in trouble for doodling on your bedroom wall with a crayon? I sure do. Then in my teens I developed an appreciation for street art. But sensible grown-up’s can’t go around scribbling on walls, right? Well here’s a … Read More

Living Walls

Here’s a trend I really want to see catch on. I remember when I saw my first large scale, living succulent wall at a mall in Hollywood about 5-6 years ago now. I was so taken by how lovely it … Read More

Axe Deodorant Invites Voyeurism

Lynx/Axe deodorant launched an Australian campaign that turned a Sydney terrace house into a peeping tom’s delight. They fitted out the windows with LED screens that play raunchy videos which can be seen only with polarized sunglasses. As they continue … Read More

Ice Cream Theives Be Damned

The Guarding™ wave often contains some pretty serious stuff. The Human Truth™ is: “If something’s after me, I’ll be ready for it.”™ It’s the wave that the gun toting, paranoid, “Preppers” on that National Geographic show would personify. However, today … Read More

Next Stop: Prometheus

As soon as I read this article I couldn’t open WordPress fast enough! Ok, let me take a breath. Let’s just start by saying I’m a big Sci-fi movie fan. Notice the addition of “movie”? I’m not a sci-fi nerd … Read More

The Bridezilla Killer?

I have a friend who is getting married soon. She is a pretty down to earth gal, but as the day approaches, she is battling the stress of organization and really trying hard to enjoy this special time. As much … Read More

Manly Candles

I don’t want to be too harsh, I mean… each to their own, but I can’t STAND Yankee Candle. When I walk past those stores I even hold my nose. Some candles are ok, I guess, but generally I find … Read More

Making Beautiful Music Together

As the stigma of internet dating is wearing off, we are seeing so many niche dating sites pop up. This is often the case when something starts out as an emerging trend. Over time, it mainstreams, and more specific options … Read More