I got home from a shopping trip and had fun showing some friends my purchases.  You gotta  love a good “oooo & aaaah” when you’ve probably spent more than you should. Even though it’s definitely a “first world problem”, I will say that finding the right fit is the annoying part of the whole deal.

First off, lugging everything in, taking off your clothes and putting a bunch of different outfits on and off is tedious and awkward in those (often tiny) change rooms, and don’t get me started on finding shoes that fit MY feet perfectly.

That’s why this article on “Futuristic Shopping Experiences” caught my eye. The article touches on many innovations that are being tested now, but the one I could most immediately relate to was the cyber “fitting room” that’s currently being tested at a mall in Manchester, UK.

The “magic mirror” lets you try on clothes without getting naked or even going inside a fitting room. The device uses movement sensors and a special depth-sensing camera, similar to what an xBox uses, to judge your body size and shape and how far you are from the camera. And then it shows you how various styles and colors of clothing will look on your body. You can try on clothes from several different retailers, inside the shopping center, and then buy the actual clothes on the spot.”

Similar “mirrors” have been trialed here, by Macy’s for example, but I like the way this lets you be more mobile.  The camera works out the position of the user’s body in 3D space. The virtual clothes follow the person’s body as they move, so that a customer can quickly get a feel for whether an item suits them.

The next example of a “magic fit”  is a company called Surefoot who creates individually customized ski boots. They are tailored exactly to your feet, right on the spot.

“The process includes scanning every contour of your feet with a special scanner to create the orthotics that will go inside the boot. And then creating a custom shell that’s exactly the right size and shape. And finally, the lining — which is created in minutes using a special foam that creates a “negative” of every bump and contour on your foot. You end up with a totally unique ski boot that’s fitted just for you.”

The Deity Complex™ wave wants you to have it your way. Up there in the Esteem category of Maslow’s Hierarchy, it’s for people that want to demonstrate a level of control. The Human Truth™ of this wave is: “It’s my world, my way.”™  It seems the future will be filled with cool ways to find the perfect fit.

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