The Green Echo wave is filled with so many cool, innovative design ideas. I often find myself thinking: “Man, that idea seems so simple, why didn’t I think of that!”

I like to imagine Toshi Fukaya was petting a kitty one day when he had a “That’s It!!” moment.  He was inspired by the way cats claws draw back into the pads, so he designed the Biomimicry Drawing Pin.

The sharp pin is sheathed by a hollow pad (or bubble) of malleable silicone and exposes the pin only when the drawing pin is pressed into the board. The idea is to create a safer pin for use.

Like Fukaya explains, “It regains its former shape (and sheaths the pin) when the drawing pin is pulled out. The ‘push’ side is composed of solid silicon that covers the drawing pin’s plastic handle.” Biomimicry Pin is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.”

Mother Nature is smart. Immersing ourselves in her beauty often puts us in the right headspace to come up with new innovations, but we should take it a step further and copy her design logic. Like the the Human Truth™ of the Green Echo™ wave says: “If it has a basis in nature, it just makes sense.”™

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