If you type bacon into our Culturewaves Thought Bank you will get the most mind blowing array of results.  Bacon and pop culture are having a love affair.

So I’m not surprised to, yet again, see another brand wanting in on the bacon meme. Kraft has chosen to “go bacon” to promote their newest flavor of Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese, sharp Cheddar and bacon.

“They assembled a team of chefs, web developers and a production team to help promote new KRAFT HOMESTYLE Sharp Cheddar & Bacon. The stunt turns one of the web’s most popular sites, The Bleacher Report, into an actual bacon version of the site. For the next two days, users will be able to turn the site into a bacon flavored version in a brilliant promotion.”

Look, I have felt there was “bacon saturation” for a while, so I have given it rest as far as blogging about it for a while. However, I gotta say after watching the technical precision in this behind the scenes video, I needed to give some kudos.

The Pacifiers™ wave is about things that soothe and comfort. People they have their reasons, but I actually make a sad face when people tell me they don’t eat bacon. How will they ever know the satisfying and pacifying power of a perfect BLT, for example? Some might call Kraft out for being late to this crazy internet bacon party, but you know what? There are some fads that are lasting for a reason. Lets not over think our beautiful relationship with this cured meat and just accept… Everything is better with bacon.

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