Los Angeles and traffic are synonymous. Locals love telling you about sneaky routes they’ve found to avoid infamously clogged streets. Then there’s people like me that plan their day around avoiding peak hour. With an impending trip to LAX later this week I already have that knot in my stomach about getting stuck in the kind of unexpected traffic jam that makes you miss your flight.

That’s why I when I found out that Google has added real-time traffic information to their trip planner, I did a little happy dance.

“Google Maps already has a feature which shows you exactly how good/bad traffic is in a particular area, but now they’ve added a new feature which highlights just how long it will take you to reach your destination by factoring in both live and historical traffic data.

Accessing it is just a matter of bringing up the directions feature on Google Maps, this time when you enter in your locations, alongside the estimated time it takes to travel from point A to B, there will be an estimate underneath it that factors in current traffic conditions. The information offered is regularly updated so that you can adjust your travel plans in due course.”

Previous to this, Angelenos would often just chuckle at the expected journey times. “25mins to Santa Monica at this time?? Pfft, yeah right.” I know there are some traffic apps that do this and more, but for me, I enjoy having this function on the map I already use.

The Human Truth™ of the Filling The Void™ wave is: “It’s what I do to get by.”™ Traffic in LA is just a reality we live with, along with all of the other things that can make it a challenge to live here.

Sometimes handy extra features make “getting by” a little bit easier, and end up being the difference between a good or bad day.

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