There’s a video going around that has been re-posted by so many of my Gen X friends that I had to take a closer look. It’s part of Yahoo’s in-house Sketchy comedy series- which explains the high production values, I guess. The music video is a parody of Fun’s hit song “We Are Young”. The original, is an anthem to being carefree and reveling in the spoils of youth.

Let’s just say THIS version is the exact opposite.

The alternative versions lyrics hit so close to home for 30 somethings that I’m seeing all sort of comments ranging from happiness at being able to feel a kindred spirit, to people worrying that it may spike suicide rates.

The comments that my Facebook friends left had the same “Funny, but NOT funny” feel as the video itself:

“This is very very sad… but I guess it’s nice to know I’m not alone. ;)”

“OMG Love it! Sadly I thought about learning photoshop and starting a blog just yesterday hmmm.”

“I don’t know if I should laugh or cry…I should probably cry because if I am laughing, I am old enough to get it…”

So many people at this stage of life can relate to things not really turning out like they’d planned. Especially since this is the generation that got slammed by the housing bubble, thus dimming hopes of an affluent retirement. The lyrics talk about applying to grad school, taking a real estate test, putting off yoga class to drink beer on the couch and watch Modern Family, the trials of having babies, depression, anxiety… wait, this is s’pose to be funny…. rrrright?

The We Are Family™ wave is firmly entrenched in the belonging tier of Maslow’s Hierarchy. It’s about finding identity and bonding through commonalities. Things in this wave don’t have to be as niche as a group that collects rare bird call recordings, it can be as macro as a whole generation that bonds over shared experiences. I can’t help but be tickled by a YouTube comment exchange that makes me feel like there will always be generation gaps:

“Superb… but don’t buy into the skit’s implied despair… By keeping happy I made it past “my expiration date” and retain a zest for life.”

“UGH, obviously a Boomer. *eyeroll *”

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