This recent study won’t be a shock to most people. Apparently they’ve scientifically proven that eating junk food is linked to far higher rates of depression.

“The study, carried out at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, suggests that people who eat junk food are 51 per cent more likely to develop depression than those that don’t. The study also shows that those eating junk food—such as hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza—are more likely to be single, less active and work longer. So, depression’s hardly a surprising trait to round things off.”

Well the timing couldn’t have been better for BK to roll out some healthy options.

“Burger King launches a revamped menu today that includes smoothies, frappes, and snack wraps. In addition to menu changes (including a single, thicker slice of cheese on the Whopper!), the burger chain will spend $750 million over the next year on marketing, operations, and the look of its stores. “Everything is focused on getting to be No. 1,” says Steve Wiborg, executive vice president and president of North American operations.”

I haven’t tried theirs yet, but I’m a big fan of snack wraps. They are a great on the go tummy filler that doesn’t give me “burger guilt.” Burger King’s snack wraps clock in at 390 calories. They also say their new fruit smoothies count as a full serving of fruit.

Flexible Flux™ is about putting some good stuff in your “bad stuff”. We know that too much of anything is a usually a bad thing. That’s why the previously mentioned study probably isn’t blowing any minds.  Bad Food = Bad Mood.

When it comes to fast food, there is a lot of wrestling with internal approval that goes on – especially with women. Having healthier options just makes sense to to me. There’s no doubt the average hungry, burger crazed BK fans will give the salad a miss most to of the time.

However, some of us are at the drive thru because we just need food that is… well… Fast. If you can provide items that help me make healthier choices, then you’re likelier to see me more often… Probably in a good mood too!


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