I’ve noticed a trend of adults getting excited over furniture that would be at home in Pee Wee’s Play House. When I see these kind of things, I automatically assume that they are just something that you forward around your social network for a chuckle. I mean this hamburger bed is super awesome but… would you really buy one? It was even featured on The Jay Leno Show in a segment called “eBay: Sold or Not Sold.” While it took a few tries to find the right buyer eventually the hamburger bed found its way to Hamburger Harry the owner of The Burger Shop which is part of Cruising Daytona and the world famous Hamburger Museum.

Maybe that’s an extreme example but when I saw this nest bed, all my childhood fantasies of being able to curl up like a baby bird seemed to come true and I started measuring the dimensions of my bedroom to see if we could make this happen.

Then there’s the old bean bag. They haven’t graced the pages of Better Home’s and Garden type mags for decades, but now I’m seeing the cutest most whimsical versions pop up all over the place. Take this baked potato that even has a pat of butter for a pillow. And, I ask you, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to this soft cuddly elephant? Or cozy up in a pizza slice sleeping bag? Or watch TV lying on a 7ft bear?

Speaking of bears …did anyone catch the infomercial that was playing around Valentine’s day that some how made buying a giant teddy bear for your girlfriend seem creepily sexual? No? Here it is.

“Size really does matter” As a hot girl holds up a ruler. Errrrrr

The DVR Lifestyle™ wave is all about not letting age define you. It’s selectively embracing things that make you happy, even though it might not be seen as “acting your age”. These quirky, fun designs make me feel like a kid again, and who doesn’t love that.

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